Waste Knot Energy

8 Sites By 2026

Capitalising on the fundamental changes in the waste export market, Waste Knot Energy (WKE) plans up to 8 plants across the UK, backed by private equity firm Gresham House. Key criteria of locations include:

  • Proximity to feedstock sources
  • Good transport links/proximity to ports
  • Access to sufficient power supplies
  • Political and community support

Middlesborough - Q3 2021

Total Tonnage: 250,000 tpa


Carlisle - Q2 2022

Total Tonnage: 500,000 tpa

British Steel Scunthorpe

Grimsby - Q3 2022

Total Tonnage: 750,000 tpa


Cardiff - Q4 2022

Total Tonnage: 1,000,000 tpa


London - Q2 2023

Total Tonnage: 1,250,000 tpa


Liverpool - Q2 2024

Total Tonnage: 1,500,000 tpa


Glasgow - Q2 2025

Total Tonnage: 1,500,000 tpa


Birmingham - Q2 2026

Total Tonnage: 2,000,000 tpa

Nawrocki Pellet Factory

Proven Pelleting Technology

Established in 1986, NPT have manufactured and delivered over 250 pellet mills worldwide. They are one of the few companies with experience in pelleting waste, with several plants operating NPT equipment in Europe.

NPT are delivering a turnkey solution with guarantees of availability, performance and quality.

Situated To Reduce Carbon Footprint

WKE sites have been planned in locations to take advantage of local transport hubs.

This maximises transport efficiency, minimises transport costs and reduces the carbon footprint of transport into and out of WKE sites.

The first site in Middlesbrough on the North Sea Supply Base is owned and managed by A.V. Dawson, an integrated freight company providing transportation and storage solutions for freight on road, rail, land and sea.

Waste Knot Energy
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