Progress report: sample pellets due for shipment

SIRF Pellets

An Environment Agency permit has been secured for our first plant in Middlesbrough and pellet samples are due to be sent to potential customers next week.

Pellet production at our first site is due to start in Q1 next year and enquiries from potential customers from all over the world is at an all-time high. With #COP26 just around the corner, and the price of coal increasing, the pressure is on for high-energy use industries to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and start switching to alternatives.

We’ve been making some modifications to our first plant to ensure quality control and conducting extensive due diligence on our next sites – we’ll be able to reveal the locations of these very soon.

Our Interim CEO, Ian Jones, commented: “We’re getting additional contractors on site to help move the development forward. We’re very fortunate to be located in the North East as we have our pick of good quality local firms.”

We spoke to ENDS Waste and Bioenergy recently regarding our progress. Read on:

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