SIRF Pellets

Using biomass (such as fibre, packaging, and woody material) from Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste streams, as well as non-recyclable, low chlorine content plastics, we are able to produce a fuel that offers significant advantages in terms of both energy costs and environmental impact compared to traditional alternatives.

Our standard pellet specification is shown in the table here. Subject to the volume required, we are able to vary the specification – increasing, for example, the biomass or plastic content.

Due to the low cost per tonne and high energy content, the price per Gigajoule (GJ) is significantly lower than for traditional fuels.

Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Diameter 9-16mm
Net Calorific Value >21MJ/kg
Moisture <9 w-%
Bulk Density c. 550kg/m3
Mechanical Durability >90%
Biomass Content 50-60%
Ash <11 w-%
Chlorine <0.5 w-%
NCV – MJ/kg £/GJ*
SIRF Pellets >21 £2.21
Coal (Anthracite) 29 £2.40
Pet Coke 29.5 £2.47
Wood Pellets 17 £8.11

*Based on estimated CIF prices

  • Power Generation: SIRF Pellets have a significantly lower cost per GJ of energy than either coal or wood pellets
  • Combined Heat & Power: SIRF Pellets offer stability of both specification and price
  • Cement Production: Reduced fuel costs and significantly lower carbon emissions makes our SIRF Pellets the ideal fuel source
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