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SRF Pellets

SIRF Pellets are made from a mix of dry waste materials such as wood, paper, card and non-chlorinated plastics that are carefully processed to create a clean, highly specified and consistent alternative fuel.

With a biomass content greater than 55% and a Net Calorific Value of c.22GJ/mt, SIRF Pellets are the ideal replacement for fossil fuels in industry.

Advantages of SIRF Pellets

  • High Net Calorific Value of >21 GJ/mt
  • Ease of transport and handling – pellets can be blown or augered
  • Greatly reduced CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels
  • Ability to mix with other fuels – coal, petcoke or wood
  • Significantly lower cost per GJ compared to traditional fuels or wood pellets
  • Reduce non-recyclable waste going to landfill
  • Avoids plastic going to watercourses and oceans
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Bespoke Fuels

Industries with specific requirements for their fuel supplies can take advantage of our bespoke fuel design expertise.

Thanks to our range of suppliers and advanced monitoring systems, we can create fuels to suit your exact needs.

SIRF Pellet Production Process

SIRF Pellets are produced using material from Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste streams that arrives at our site after the removal of metals and chlorinated plastics. At WKE we process it further to create a superior, highly regulated product:

  • Drying to < 9% moisture
  • Shredding in hammer mills to <3mm
  • Removal of rigid plastics and other contaminants
  • Pelletisation
WKE pellet machinery
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Cost of Energy

SIRF Pellets can help contribute to savings of more than 50% of energy costs, on a $USD per GJ of energy basis. These savings are thanks to the unique properties of SIRF Pellets:

  • Space-efficient and easy to transport
  • Sourced from the UK, no import charges
  • High net calorific value
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