Waste Knot Energy

SIRF Pellets are a consistent alternative fuel that not only help to reduce fuel costs, but also meet many stringent environmental regulations. Thanks to their high specification and customisable content, SIRF Pellets are suitable for a wide range of bulk industrial applications.

How SIRF Pellets can help

  • Biomass content >50%
  • Net Calorific Value of >21GJ/mt
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Ability to vary specification to meet client requirements (subject to volume)
Nawrocki Pellet Factory

SIRF Pellets and Your Industry

Using biomass (such as fibre, packaging, and woody material) from Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste streams, as well as non-recyclable, low chlorine content plastics, we are able to produce a fuel that offers significant advantages in terms of both energy costs and environmental impact compared to traditional alternatives.

Waste Knot Energy
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