Alternative Fuels and CO2 Reduction

Governments around the world are setting tougher and tougher targets in relation to carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction because of the impact of climate change. The UK and EU have a target of net zero greenhouse gas by 2050.

In order to meet this target, there is a need for cleaner, sustainable methods of energy generation.


Protecting the Environment

By using non-recyclable plastic in SIRF Pellets, we are ensuring that this plastic does not find its way into our water courses and oceans, and that it does not go to landfill. By using the latent energy in the plastic to produce power and heat, our fuel pellets ensure that more fossil fuels are not needlessly extracted to produce this energy.

SIRF Pellets and the Environment

CO2 emissions reduction

High biomass content in waste wood, paper and cardboard.

Protecting nature

Re-using non-recyclable waste avoids plastic pollution on land and in our oceans.

Minimising fossil fuel extraction

Burning waste means less need to extract damaging fossil fuels.

Since 1990, the EU and UK has introduced a series of measures to help combat climate change. Industry has responded by finding alternatives to fossil fuels for energy generation. For example, in 1990, the UK energy supply sector was the largest producer of greenhouse gases, at 35%. Thanks to the rise of alternative fuels, in 2016 it fell to second place behind transport.

Today, energy supply accounts for 23%. With ambitious targets for CO2 reduction by 2030 in place across the EU and UK, now is the time to innovate and explore how WKE’s SIRF Pellets could help your business play its part in the fight against climate change.

Waste Knot Graph

International Alternative Fuels Council

  • Alternative fuels are the future of energy generation.
  • WKE is a founder member of the International Alternative Fuels Council.
  • Together with governmental agencies and other stakeholders, we are helping to set the highest possible standards for alternative fuels.
  • Quality certification will give peace of mind regarding fuel quality and emissions.
International Fuels Alternative Council
Waste Knot Energy
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