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Innovative fuels for high energy users

Increase profitability and reduce dependance on fossil fuels.

SIRF Pellets


To enable large scale energy users to significantly reduce their energy costs whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and waste going to landfill.


SIRF Pellets are made from a mix of dry waste materials such as wood, paper, card and non-chlorinated plastics that are carefully processed to create a clean, highly specified and consistent alternative fuel.

8 UK SITES BY 2026

Capitalising on the fundamental changes in the waste export market, Waste Knot Energy (WKE) plans up to 8 plants across the UK, backed by private equity firm Gresham House.

Waste Knot: Middlesbrough

  • Producing Q3 2021
  • 250,000 tonnes pa
  • Pellets > 21MJ/Kg
  • Road, Rail, Ship & Container

Waste Knot Fuels

Replacement for fossil fuels that reduces energy costs for industry and dramatically reduces CO2 emissions.

Committed To Industry-Leading Standards

Waste Knot Energy
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